The Work

Angelo Dalle Molle was born on 4 November 1908 in Venice. A great Italian industrialist, a man curious about everything around him and concerned about the wellbeing of his peers, a philanthropist and philosophical patron of the arts, he was alert to the issues of his time. A confident humanist, he claimed that progress of science in general and that of innovative information technology in particular should not enslave people but should be there to serve them.

Inspired by the beginnings of information technology, he had been sponsoring research into this field since the seventies. He saw therein a tool which could offer humanity a considerable improvement to quality of life. Through the Dalle Molle Foundation for the Quality of Life he created four research institutes, all established in Switzerland.

The name Angelo Dalle Molle, who died in 2002, remains associated with fundamental achievements for improvement of quality of life.

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«Scientific progress in general and information technology progress in particular should not enslave man but rather be at his service.»

Angelo Dalle Molle.