IDSIA - Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research, Lugano

Situated in Lugano (Ticino Canton, Switzerland), IDSIA was created by the Dalle Molle Foundation in 1988 with the aim of giving machines the ability to understand the world in which they are evolving and to adapt to it. To achieve this involved reproducing intelligent behaviour through modelling the necessary knowledge. Devoting itself to studying the representation of knowledge, the IDSIA initially focused on two aspects of this field. One part of the research related to the representation methodologies and associated tools. The other related to more specific applications with the help of theoretical works from research into knowledge representation. Now affiliated with Lugano University and SUPSI, the Swiss Italian professional university college, the IDSIA remains very active within fields as varied as automated training (artificial neuron networks, learning through reinforcement), artificial intelligence, operational research, the complexity theorem and robotics.



The aim of the Dalle Molle Foundation for Quality of Life Contest is to promote innovative projects of general interest and of high scientific quality.

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